Duncan Sakimpa

Last Saturday I had the chance to photograph an event for the charity group Come Unity http://www.comeunitynow.org Their goal is to provide fresh water and education opportunities for women in Kenya. Duncan is from Ilbissil Kenya where he works with Come Unity while working as a Deacon. He's an amazingly inspiring person.

Paddle Wheel Pale Ale

From Bent River Brewing of Moline, Illinois, Paddle Wheel Pale Ale is a Full-Bodied American style Pale Ale.  It pours a real nice amber color with lots of hop aromas and a caramel malt that sets the hops off nicely.  Good stuff.

Pond Scum

At first I thought, wow this small pond is for crap.   Covered in Pond Scum, flies buzzing around.   Why is my camera even out of the bag?  But wait.  The water is still, I should be able to get a decent reflection.   The sun is low in the sky.  I like shooting the sun.  Let's see what happens.  

It's so very nice...

It's funny how not dreading work on a Monday morning changes one's entire outlook on a Sunday.   For a while now, lurking in the back of my mind all day Sunday has been the feeling of pending doom around what was to come for the week starting on Monday with work.   It's so very nice that is not the situation anymore.   It feels like the weekend got longer along with the week being so much better.   Life is too short to be miserable at work.


Even though the economy is "getting better", there are still way too many abandoned businesses and empty buildings.   You don't have to look to hard to find them.  I keep wondering, we've spent so much money paving and building new, couldn't we tear down and return the unused stuff back to grass and trees.