Black and White Portraits

Last week a few photographers got together to shoot at Anton's at the Swan in Lambertville NJ.  It was mostly for fun and thanks to Chef Chris Connors for hosting us on the day the restaurant was closed.  If you've never been to Anton's, you owe it to yourself to go there sometime.  You will not be disappointed.   While we were there, I decided to make some very simple portraits of people who were there.  Here's a few.

Beach Haus Cruiser IPA

The Jersey Shore has a very cool brewery now, Beach Haus in Belmar.  They've got a good selection of beers.  Their Cruiser IPA is a good mix of hoppy and fruity.   Good stuff.
#craftbeer #beer #Belmar

Old Car City

If you're in to old cars, rust and a good amount of walking, check out Old Car City a bit north of Atlanta.   Acres and acres of old cars sitting and being reclaimed by time and the elements.   You will find just about every car you can think of.  Plus the proprietor is quite the character as well.